That's a lot of bugs fixed!

06 Mar '22


Version 88 on 14 March 2022

- Fixed a bug with gradients

Version 87 on 10 March 2022

- Fixed a bug with box shadows not picking up values ending with px or rem

- Added fontSize to typography tooltip

Version 86 on 6 March 2022

The plugin now remembers the last used token sets after plugin relaunch

Added toggle to GitHub sync so personal access tokens are obscured by default. Thanks @srinivas0210

Toggling hide empty groups now remembers its state after plugin relaunch. Thanks @srinivas0210

Fixed a bug that prevented borders from accepting linear-gradients

Version 85 on 23 February 2022

- Fixed star layers not being picked up by Inspect

Version 84 on 20 February 2022

- Fixed a bug where selecting Deep Inspect would not show applied tokens in the Tokens tab

- Fixed a bug with component instances not showing latest tokens after applying, this should now be resolved

- Fixed a bug with tooltips not showing letter spacing

Version 83 on 15 February 2022

- Fixed typography tooltips not rendering resolved references

- Fixed a bug that didn't show tokens that were just applied while switching from Tokens to Inspect tab when Deep inspect wasn't active

Version 82 on 14 February 2022

- Optimized performance of Multi inspect

Version 81 on 12 February 2022

- Fixed a bug that was introduced in 80 that prevented some users from launching the plugin

- Changed inspectDeep to only be active when user is in Inspect tab and inspectDeep is active.

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