Using tokens
Creating tokens

Creating tokens

In Figma Tokens, you can create reusable and semantic tokens which you can then reference in your design process.

Creating a new token via the UI is a simple process. As an example, create a new token in the Fill group by clicking on the + icon in the Fill group.

In the modal that appears, give your token a name, for example with a value of #0000FF, save your progress by clicking Create.

Editing tokens

To change the value of an existing token, right click the token you wish to edit and select Edit Token.

You can also change the name of the token, which will automatically update all references to this token.

Duplicating tokens

To duplicate a token, right click the token you wish to duplicate and select Duplicate Token.

Token groups

As having a lot of tokens can become quite messy, you can nest tokens by using a dot-notation in their name, for example colors.button.background.primary.

You can remove token groups by right-clicking them and selecting Delete which will remove all tokens under that group.

Last updated on October 22, 2022