Composition Token & Azure DevOps sync are here!

12 May '22


New features in this release:

— Added Azure Devops sync.

Fixes [Git Sync]: Azure DevOps #494

— Add token picker to more inputs

— Added Duplicate token group.

Fixes Allow users to duplicate a group of tokens #515

— Added Rename token group.

Fixes Allow users to rename a token group #516

— Remapping a token now updates canvas.

Fixes Remapping applied tokens doesn't update canvas #804

— [Pro]: Added composition tokens.

Fixes Allow Compositions #473

— Added a local storage for Git so you can restore local changes.

Fixes Loosing all tokens modification when quiting whitout synchronizing ... #801, Data loss when closing plug-in window with Github sync enabled #746, [GitHub Sync]: Add local storage so progress isn't lost #353


— Pushing to GitHub now no longer resets token sets.

Fixes Sets deselected after push to GitHub #780, Set selections reset after pushing changes to Github #713, Notify the user they're losing unsaved progress if they don't push with GitHub sync #468

— Fixed wrong input in color picker.

Fixes HSLA - Input field values wo/ limitations #766

— GitHub Enterprise sync settings now get correct pull request URLs.

Fixes Github Enterprise repo URL issue #725

— We now show alias values in token tooltips again.

Fixes Tokens Tooltip - Display alias value along with real value #718

— Shadow tokens can now be sorted again.

Fixes Shadow token arrays cannot be sorted #585

— Behind the scenes:

Made the plugin type-safe, improving developer experience and reliability of the plugin

## Followup Release 103:

— Fixed plugin not launching for some users

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