A lot of improvements!

8 Jul '22


Changes to Pro

Exposes Pro features in a read-only mode for Free users:

- Theme manager allows changing themes, but not editing

- Read from repositories with multi-file sync, but not push

- See which branch you're on in the branch switcher, but not make the switch

Improved tokens

- Adds support for Figma's new individual stroke widths.

- Adds autocomplete to composition tokens


- Adds support for root-level git storage (e.g. storing tokens in the "/" directory).

- When using multi file sync, renaming token sets now correctly renames the file

- When using multi file sync, deleting a token set now correctly deletes the file

Quality of life improvements

- Switching between token sets now remembers the last scroll position.

- Adds support to load a single .json file or multiple multiple files.

- Removing tokens from multiple selected layers is now supported.

- Branch picker now scrolls when more than a certain number of branches are present.


- Fixes composition tokens not picking up values of 0.

- Fixes scrollbar color.

- Fixes issue where URL sync providers got duplicated.

- Fixes an issue where documentation tokens with value 0 couldn't be applied.

- Fixes an issue with autocomplete where tokens that were using a number wouldn't show up (e.g. spacing or radii)

- Fixes an issue with Azure Devops Sync where it would sometimes pull from the main branch.

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