Release 1.35.3

27 Mar '23


  • Border tokens can now reference other border tokens. Fixes #1575

  • Fixes an issue where renaming tokens when used with `ignoreFirstPartOfTokenNameForStyle` wasn't renaming their respective styles. Fixes #1685

  • Fixes an issue where typography values were sometimes not applied if there was an error applying prior properties. Fixes #1634

  • Fixes an issue where GitLab group permissions were overriding project permissions (e.g. when you were `guest` on a group but `maintainer` on a project, we'd mistakenly take the `guest` permission. Fixes #1644

  • Fixes an issue where an internal property was sometimes exposed (`inheritTypeLevel`).

  • Fixes an issue where `Swap styles` wouldn't swap typography. Fixes #1719

  • Fixed an issue with base font size tokens font size not properly propagated

  • Fixed an issue with generic versioned storage date/time stamps

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