Release 1.36

25 May '23


New features

  • Multi-dimensional themes 🎉 We now allow you to split your themes into groups, letting you create a matrix of possible combinations between color themes, platforms, brands, density or languages. The choice is yours! This reduce the number of themes you'd need to create by a huge amount.

  • Improved JSON editing experience. We've revamped our code editor and are now giving you proper management capabilities right inside the plugin!

  • Introducing a proper diff preview when pushing and pulling changes using git-based solutions. When pulling changes, we show you a preview of what changes would be overwritten, and when pushing you're now made aware of what it is you're pushing.

  • We've revamped our token suggestion UI. This should give you a much better editing experience!

  • We've added font family and font weight suggestions when using fontFamily and fontWeight tokens

  • New token type: Boolean. For now this only controls layer visibility, but we'll expand on that in the future.

  • We're now letting you keep token names and style names be different while still in sync, meaning you can rename your styles and any value changes you make on tokens will still apply on the right style.

  • Added a Search and filter UI to the Inspect tab to let you find tokens you're looking for, broken reference or just resolved tokens

Minor changes

  • We're now letting you toggle Treat as source when you don't have edit rights, thanks @mihkeleidast
    Composition token values can now be merged between different sets

  • Composition token values can now be reordered

  • Changed the default dash pattern on borders to more closely resemble what you would get in html

  • Bulk remap now lets you apply across the whole document

  • You can now rename a token set folder

  • We now save the state of the set tree when you reopen the plugin

  • You can now duplicate tokens to other sets

  • Adds ability to bulk-select connected tokens in the Manage themes dialog and detach multiple tokens from styles

  • When no tokens were created due to Ignore first part of token name for styles we now inform you via a notification

  • Color tokens now have a # prepended by default (let us now how this feels)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the plugin to stop applying tokens to layers until it was restarted.

  • Generic versioned storage: Fixed an issue that caused Recover local changes to appear frequently

  • Fixes a performance issue that caused memory usage to grow as layers grew

  • Fixed an issue with typography tokens becoming unresponsive when switching between alias and input mode

  • Fixed an issue where border tokens colors sometimes weren't applied correctly to bottom left and right sides

  • Fixed an issue where shadow tokens sometimes changed their preview even when you didn't save

  • Fixed an issue with color modifiers that when duplicated caused issues with their modifiers

  • Fixed an issue with typography values that were focused once would get an empty string value applied

  • Fixed an issue with text decoration none not being applied correctly when used outside of typography tokens

  • Fixed an issue where token sets were sometimes displayed in the wrong position after you created them

  • Fixes an issue that prevented the Manage themes modal to appear when you were on JSON view

  • Fixes an issue that prevented tokens to be deleted when they were using a custom type

  • Fixes long theme dropdowns by making them scroll

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