Release 1.37.1

23 Jun '23


Fixed a bug that caused variables not to be applied even though they were connected to tokens. This means that when your tokens have variables connected, we now apply the correct variable. Important: This requires you to connect your variables once again (either by hitting "Create variables" again in your Variables file and then pushing those changes back up to your sync provider, or by "Attach variables" in the Manage themes modal). We're sorry for the troubles this caused.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tokens that use rgba() to be saved correctly back to variables

  • Fixed an issue with Detaching variables in the Manage themes modal

  • Fixed a bug that caused theme groups to be ignored on import from a file - thanks @beauroberts

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors with syncing with GitHub if your .json files were larger than 1MB

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