Release 1.37.3

7 Jul '23


This release focuses on addressing some bugs that was causing theme groups to disappear and other improvements

Bugs addressed:

  • Fixed an issue where theme groups were not respected for ADO, JSONBin sync and local import

  • Fixed an issue where border color is applied as a style even when variables are present

  • Fixed an issue where color tokens with modifiers were being showing strange behavior on edit

  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a theme from ‘No Group’ to a ‘Group’ hides the ungrouped themes

  • Fixed an issue where the plugin forgets credentials for Second Screen


  • Introduced internationalisation support on the plugin for French, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish

  • Introducing feature to send anonymised crash recordings (needs to be opted in) for better crash analytics

Other features:

  • Open beta for Second Screen and Token Flow

Special thanks to contributors:

  • Mihkel Eidast

  • Beau Roberts

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