Release 1.37.9

29 Aug '23


Patch release to address some of the performance issues and additional fixes on Supernova sync

  • Fixes a bug that caused token set order to be ignored when syncing with Supernova

  • Improves performance of most operations by utilizing a new findAll function to faster traverse the tree of nodes.

  • Adds support for 2 Supernova environments

  • Changed behavior of editing, duplicating or creating tokens to no longer automatically apply changes. You now need to run Apply to.. if you want tokens to be updated.

  • Cut down speed of Apply to.. operations to around 40% of where we were before

  • Improved performance of applying by removing unnecessary calls to check if we need to apply a variable.

    • Fixed an issue that caused local variables to be applied if they matched name of an applied token

  • Slight change of colors as we've detached from Figma's internal tokens

  • Improved performance of the bulk remap function

  • Improves performance of attaching/creating variables for large token sets

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