Release 1.38.6

5 Dec '23


This version fixes the bug that was introduced in release 1.38.5, reverts the feature to allow skipping first part of token name when creating variables and releases the changes of 1.38.5 which includes allowing skipping multi value tokens while creating variables and smaller bug fixes.

🚀 Notable changes:

  • Skip multi value tokens when creating variables as multi value is not supported by variables

🐛 Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused some tokens to falsely appear as broken

  • Reordered the typography composite token fields to have lineHeight follow fontSize

  • Fixed an issue that caused color modifiers values to be ignored when creating or updating variables

  • Fixed an issue which shows number value in case a text which its value is 003e78 and 000000

  • Fixes an issue with extension data changes that would mutate data

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