Release 123: Asset tokens & more

24 Oct 22


In this release we added one of the most anticipated new tokens: the support for Asset tokens. Next to that we also improved some existing tokens by adding multi-value support for spacing and radii. In addition we've added quality of life and onboarding improvements.

The full list of released features and improvements can be found below:

🆕 Asset tokens

To make it possible to tokenize logos, backgrounds and any other image, we created Asset tokens. So far we only support public URLs and your server needs to be able to handle CORS (or you’d use a CORS proxy). 

We’ll follow up in the near future with a more convenient way, but this should already provide great value. More information on how to use asset tokens can be found here.

- Add support for Asset tokens #1265

🎲 Multi-value spacing and radius tokens

Write tokens like css, and apply once instead of every side on its own. Simply write your tokens like this (works with 1, 2, 3 or 4 values): 8px 4px 8px 16px.
More information on multi-value radii can be found here and more information on multi-value spacing can be found here.

- Support multi-value radii and spacing tokens #110

✒️ Font family fallback support

Simply separate font families with a `,` to achieve what you can with css - allowing you to use the same definition as you’d do in code.

- Font family fallback support #818

👨‍🎨 Style improvements

After renaming or deleting a token we ask you if you also want to change associated (via Themes) styles. There’s also a new Sync styles option in the Styles dropdown that would create, rename and delete any styles that were updated on the remote or while you were working on a different file.
Note that this feature only is enabled when used in combination with Themes (Pro), as otherwise there wouldn’t be style connections.

- In the Styles Actions, add a new "Sync styles" option which renames Styles according to their connected tokens (via Themes), deletes any styles that are not referenced, and creates new styles that do not exist yet #1196
- When renaming a token, ask to rename any local styles (in addition to the Remap tokens functionality we have) #1194
- When deleting a token, ask to delete any local styles #1195

🆕 New and improved tokens

- Add Paragraph Indent parameter to typography token #735

🤝 Onboarding

- Introduce new Start screen with helpful links #1261
- Introduce Onboarding modal flow #1200

😊 QoL

- Changes to License key display #1293
- "Create new branch from" UI issue with long branch names #1184
- Fix indenting of set names #1345
- Fixed an issue with fonts not applying (when not being used in combination with weight or family)

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