Release 133

11 Jan '23


  • Decreases notification for missing font weight style from `error` to `notify`.

  • Generic versioned storage: Changes auth header inputs to be cloaked. Fixes #1504

  • Changes paragraphIndent imports to create tokens in the dimension category. Fixes #1517

  • Adds a way to pick other border tokens when editing border tokens. Fixes #1523

  • Fixes an issue with HSLA alpha values of 0. Fixes #1516

  • Fixes Swap Styles not traversing through component sets or sections.

  • Fixes border tokens not functioning properly in Composition tokens. Fixes #1507

  • Fixes tooltip of border tokens in Composition tokens.

  • Fixes border tokens not applying colors as color styles. Fixes #1522

  • Fixes border tokens always applying color as a hex when they could be using a style. Fixes #1522

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