Released version 128 of the plugin formerly known as Figma Tokens

08 Dec '22


This is an important update in our evolution, read more on the post over in:

  • Changed branding from Figma Tokens to Tokens Studio for Figma.

In addition the update contains only minor fixes (the next big release is coming, but we didn’t want to put too much into one big release, we’re feature-freezing that one today and will release a Beta version in a bit, so expect the next release soon)

  • Fixed an issue with important typography styles which created paragraphIndent.0 references for a token which didn’t exist. It now adds it just with the value - we realize this isn’t ideal, but with the next major version we’re introducing a new token type which will hold this.

  • Fixed an issue with JSONBin triggering Recover local changes when it didn’t need to.

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